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Skogly Cabin. Sleeps 4. River Views. Fully contained off-grid Cabin with Kitchenette and bathroom.

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Skogly Cabin is available for selected dates.

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Our promise of dilivery of high calibre service and exceptiional norse hospitality combined with a respectful approach to nature and how to live within it with balance and honour

Mission statement: Bluestone Acres is a unique and immersive experience that connects you to the land, the community, and your food. We are a working, sustainable farm that follows the ancient Norse values of harmony, hospitality, and honour. We offer you a place to visit and stay, where you can enjoy the beauty and bounty of nature, and learn from our friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Vision statement: Our vision is to become the leading destination for eco-tourism and education in the North Thompson region. We want to inspire our guests to live more sustainably and respectfully with the environment and each other. We want to share our passion and expertise for farming, cooking, and crafting with natural and organic products. We want to create a lasting impression of joy and wellness for everyone who visits Bluestone Acres.

Photos of the Wells Gray Area

Photos by local superstar: @herpnwadventures on Instagram


Choose from a variety of sizes and styles to meet your needs while you explore and adventure the area surrounding us.

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Was an absolute beautiful stay! The view never gets old and the peace and quiet was much needed. Not to mention how lovely and caring the hosts are! This slice of heaven feels like a home away from home.
Rheannon Armstrong