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Hive & Homestead: Rustic Viking Themed Apiary, Cabins, and Wilderness Camp

For the Brave and the Bold

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Velkomin! Brave the wilds and awaken your inner warrior at Bluestone Acres!Nestled in the rugged heart of British Columbia, Bluestone Acres isn’t merely a farm—it’s a bastion of adventure, a haven where the spirit of the Vikings thrives! Here, amidst the majestic Wells Gray Countryside, we stand as guardians of the ancient Norse traditions—valuing harmony with the land, boundless hospitality, and living with honour and courage.Embark on a journey to Bluestone Acres, where the untamed wilderness of Wells Gray Country and the North Thompson beckons. Re-establish a connection with the earth beneath your feet and the stars overhead in our off-grid encampments and cabins. At Bluestone Acres, adventure isn’t just found—it’s forged in the spirit of freedom, exploration and pride in the land.Seize the opportunity to unleash the Viking within. At Bluestone Acres, you’re not just visiting—you’re claiming a piece of the wild for your own. Join us, and let the call of adventure chart your course!

Discover your Wild Side!

Embark on a saga of discovery! Venture forth to the legendary lands surrounding Bluestone Acres, where the Wells Gray Provincial Park, the mighty Clearwater River, and the thunderous Helmcken Falls await.In our Viking sanctuary, you’ll not just reconnect with nature—you’ll forge an alliance with it. Our off-grid abodes summon the spirit of the North, beckoning you to explore the realm’s wonders. Tread the paths of ancient warriors beneath world-renowned waterfalls, conquer the trails on horseback, tame the river’s rapids, or claim the mountain peaks with your bike.And when the day’s quests are complete, retreat to the warmth of a crackling fire in our Viking-themed havens. Here, you’re more than a traveler; you’re a legend in the making. Raise your horn and toast to the wild—your adventure is written in the stars!


We have a variety of styles and comfort to suite your Viking Spirit.

Freya - Luxury Tent | Bluestone Acres
Beauty and Comfort

Freya | Luxurious Sleeping Tents


Outfitter Tent - Comfort meets functionality

Thor | Luxurious Sleeping Tents

THOR | Sleeping…

Skogly Cabin - Bluestone Acres Clearwater Accommodations
Forest Cabin


Skogly Cabin Reserve…

Elska ( Sweetheart) Cabin - Bluestone Acres | Wells Gray Park
Ideal for Couples

Elska Cabin

ELSKA – Sweetheart…

RV and Tent Sites

RV and Tent Sites

RV and Tent…

Summer Tenting - Wells Gray Bluestone Acres
For the self sufficient warrior - Just a tent and the ground

Vandræðaskáli (‘van-dray-tha-ska-lee’)

Vandræðaskáli (‘van-dray-tha-ska-lee’) For…


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Behold the realm where the skies roar with splendor! In this corner of the province, the vistas are ceaseless, enchanting, and awe-inspiring.In this land, every season brandishes its own magic, each more breathtaking than the last. The elements themselves conspire to ensure that not a single day is dimmed by foul weather. Here, even the storms hold their heads high with pride, for there are no bad weather days, only tales of glory waiting to be embraced!


Envision a secluded haven, nestled amidst the whispering pines, where the warmth of a hearth and the soft furs of the North await to envelop you in a cocoon of comfort, much like the cherished mead hall of a Viking chieftain, offering a respite from the wilds and a sanctuary for hearts entwined.


Robust and simple off-grid dwellings, echoing the Norse aesthetic with natural materials and traditional craftsmanship, nestled in the tranquility of the woods. It’s a place where the raw beauty of the wilderness meets the ancient spirit of Viking culture, creating a timeless retreat from modern life.


A family of Norse Farmers decent, we have lovingly nurtured our roots in this beautiful region of BC. as an Apiary Farm. Only second generation Canadian, we are driven and inspired by the community code of honour, integrity, courage and generous hospitality of the Northman's way as well as living closely with nature and preserving it's beauty. We are all a bit nuts too, which is a prerequisite to being a good Viking. We are honoured to welcome you as our guests along your adventurous journey!

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