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Welcome to Bluestone Acres, the newest ‘village’ in Vavenby, B.C., where the bees buzz with a Norse accent and the veggies grow as sturdy as a Viking’s beard! Here, we’re more than just a farm; we’re a slice of agritourism heritage, with a twist of Viking humor sharper than a spear’s point.Our founders, Kaare and Ron, are as Norse as they come—without the longboats but with all the hospitality. Only second generation Canadian with strong Norwegian lineage, they’ve planted their roots (and some pretty nifty herbs) in this land, honouring the Simpcw First Nations’ traditions and the earth’s natural mojo. We let Nature Lead the Way here. Of the things they take seriously, this one is high up on the list. Enamored by the Culture and rich history of the Norse Farmers and the 'Viking Code of Ethics' our founders are committed to bringing back a simpler yet more connected way of living. When honour meant something, truth was expected and good hospitality was of the upmost importance. When dialogue with land and Kin was always respected and bravery meant the courage to express freely and defend that right for others. The warriors way - without the raiding of course.If your heart yearns for the valorous days of yore, to tread the land of the maple as the Norse once did—mighty and unbridled—then venture forth. In this Canadian haven, where the spirit of mead still lingers in the air, you’ll find solace far warmer than the hearths of a Viking longhouse. Here, you’re invited to bask in the tranquility that’s more comforting than the embrace of fur pelts. We vow, the only conquests you’ll embark upon are those of serenity and repose, as you honor the legacy of warriors past in a land that cherishes freedom and valour above all else. Come, let the whispers of the old gods guide you to a respite where peace reigns supreme.

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Kaare Long

Beandr (land owner) Founder
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Ron White

Beandr (land owner) Founder
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Kaia May - Adventure Guide Bluestone Acres

Kaia May

Adventure Guide
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Hiker John

Hiking and Adventure Guide
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Bluestone Acres Cats : Raven and Fenrir

Fenrir and Raven

Farm Cats and Spirit Guardians
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Beautiful area to camp with the best views. Hosts are amazing and super welcoming. Top of the area has the best views of the surrounding moutains and a short walk down is the Thompson river to cool off. This place has everything you could ask for and more! Will be coming back many times in the future.
Meaghan Reid