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Trail Rides

Enjoy authentic and scenic trail rides on a working ranch right next door to your Village. Explore the fields, mountains, rivers, creeks and wildlife that surround your accommodations. Contact your Adventure Guide while on location, or pre-book with us by contacting us directly.

River Rafting

Only the Bravest and Boldest of Adventurers are willing to fly down the river rapids in a longboat. We know just the place and the kin to hook you up for this adrenalin filled journey. Valhalla Awaits!


For the warrior who is fit and ready to explore the wilderness on a two wheeled beast. Local mountain biking at is best. We'll hook you up, and we'll hook you up good!

The only Question is: Why aren't you booked to stay here yet?


In the shadow of towering pines, where the Murtle River carves through the ancient land of British Columbia, lies the majestic Helmcken Falls. A sight to behold, it plunges from a height of 141 meters, like the mighty hammer of Thor, into a misty abyss that whispers tales of old. The falls, a cascading fury reminiscent of the Viking warriors’ relentless spirit, are surrounded by a realm where one can almost hear the echoes of Norse sagas being sung by the winds that dance through the canyon.


Dutch Lake, a serene mirror in the heart of Clearwater, BC, whispers of longships gliding over its tranquil waters, while Azure Lake, a fjord-like expanse embraced by the Cariboo Mountains, echoes with the sagas of explorers akin to the fearless Vikings of yore

Hike the Trophy Mountain Flower Meadows

Amidst the rugged grandeur of Wells Gray Park, the majestic Trophy Mountain stands as a testament to nature’s splendor. The mountain’s nine peaks, like the nine realms of Norse mythology, rise sharply against the sky, their northern slopes steep and cloaked in the armor of glaciers. Southern slopes, gentle as the mead-halls of old, are dotted with alpine lakes and meadows, where one can almost hear the echoes of Viking songs carried on the wind.

Book a Warrior Walk with us! Guided Hikes to all the sacred and majestic areas in Wells Gray Country!!
Need a place to stay while you check out the sights?

Hop N Hog

Specializing in low and slow alder and birch smoked beef and pork. The 16 hour brisket that comes out of their smoker is competition grade and sourced locally.10 draft taps rotate daily with unique locally sourced craft Ale, Lager and Cider!

Gateway Grill

Fun and relaxed dining serving up the standard pub fare but with a twist of healthy. Lamb burgers made with local lamb meat are on the menu ( seasonal) A great dinner location

Clearwater Stop

German and Canadian food, specializing in schnitzels and hamburgers, best in northern BC. Highly rated and enjoyed by both tourists and locals! Ask for Markus and let him know that Kaare and Ron from Bluestone Acres sent you!


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