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Select from the mightiest of voyage additions, the most renowned of escapades! Our vacation packages are forged in the spirit of the Viking, promising thrills worthy of saga, romance and song. Dare to choose your destiny!


Fathers Day Special Package Bluestone Acres
Father's Day Special Package


Is your husband the mightiest Jarl you know? Does your own father, the venerable Elder, deserve a voyage across the seas with the matron or even a solitary retreat to the wilds to find solace in the whispers of the old gods? Does the Allfather yearn for an odyssey with the entire clan? Bestow upon him a weekend or night in our enchanting Elska Cabin, nestled by the mighty North Thompson River, with a horn full of mead/ale/potion of his choosing and a feast of local fare on a wooden Board. Select the Longhouse you require (Elska, for a maximum of 2 warriors) (Skogly, for up to 6 shield-maidens and warriors) and the number of nights you wish to dwell, then choose the DADSDAY Raid Package plus any other spoils you desire at the time of claiming your bounty! Behold the spark in his eyes as he receives the gift of saga and VALOR, instead of yet another blade or smithing hammer.
Choose your style of accommodation and when checking out pick the DADS DAY Package. ADVENTURE Awaits!


Vavenby Trail Rides - Bluestone Acres. Wells Gray Country
Adventure Right Next Door!

TRAIL RIDES with Vavenby Trail Rides

Embark on a 3 hour relaxing trail ride that transports you to a slower and more enjoyable time. Your journey begins just minutes away from your Viking Village. Mounted on horses fit for your skillset, you and your fellow riders, traverse the local terrain and enjoy the scenic views.The sound of the North Thompson river complements the rustic ambiance, as you have your lunch under the watchful eyes of towering pines.As the ride concludes, you return through the fields and trails the setting sun casting long shadows, and the spirit of the Viking farmers riding with you, leaving you with a sense of beauty and a glimpse into the past.We have partnered with Vavenby Trail Rides to be able to provide our guests with direct booking through us* so all you have to do is ask to be set up, and we'll do the rest for you!*Based on availablity
Interested in bodoking a trail ride while you are staying in one of our cabins? Contact us for details.


Romance Package Bluestone Acres Cabins Wells Gray
Romantic Getaway


Embark on a voyage to the majestic Wells Gray Park, where romance and adventure await! Gather your garb, your beloved, and your daring spirit. Upon your arrival, a treasure chest of delights shall greet you. Choose your potion—mead or wine—accompanied by the finest bread crafted by local artisans, a bounty of fruit, a feast-worthy charcuterie platter laden with the land’s finest fare, and the crowning glory: chocolate, as rich and dark as a Viking’s tale. This package is ideal for a Romantic Getaway for the weekend in our Ilska Cabin! Grab your significant better half, hit the road and ready your senses for a getaway that legends are made of! Simply choose the ROMANCE Package when booking and set the mood off on the right track right away!


To order package, simply add it to your booking. If you have further questions...


Up to 25% Discount

Summer Tenting - Wells Gray Bluestone Acres
SPECIAL Summer Introductory Rates


From May 15-July 1st you can secure our special introductory rates for all of our cabins and tent sites. To get this offer, book any accommodation up until July 1st and the special rate will be applied.

$10 Discount

Bluestone Acres Fire Pit
$10 off Fire Pit Rental

Fire Season Safety Fire

We know how much an outside fire can make or break a Summer Camping experience. During the provincial or regional fire bans however, we must protect our forests and not have open fires. We have propane fire pits available that are legal to use. We'll be offering these at a reduced fee until July 1st, 2024


5th night half off!

Get an Extra Night Stay!

Book 4 days in the Skogly Cabin and get the 5th night reduced to half price! Only until June 28th, 2024. Based on standard occupancy of 2 adults and 2 children or 4 adults. Contact us directly to inquire about this special deal.
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Book through us and recieve an extra discount!

10% Discount

River Rafting!

Book a River Rafting adventure through us and save an extra 10%! Are you ready to brave the rapids? Let's Go!
Bluestone Acres
10%-25% off

Save with special group rates

We're putting together the best adventure packages and tours local to the area and negotiating a special price just for our visitors. Please stay tuned!
Bluestone Acres
Save Big

Extra Discounts you'll LOVE!

We're putting together the best adventure packages and tours local to the area and negotiating a special price just for our visitors. Please stay tuned!
Bluestone Acres
Save Big

Amazing local deals!

We're putting together the best adventure packages and tours local to the area and negotiating a special price just for our visitors. Please stay tuned!
The views are breathtaking, wildlife everywhere, the locals are all so polite and engaging, and they’re right beside breathtaking Wells Gray Provincial Park… look up Helmcken Falls! OMG! Can’t wait to see them again!
Paul Marples - Bluestone Acres
Paul Marples


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