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RV Parking and Sites in Wells Gray Country

Embark on a Wilderness Adventure: RV Travel to Wells Gray Park

Embark on a Wilderness Adventure: RV Travel to Wells Gray Park Nestled in the heart of British Columbia’s rugged landscape, Wells Gray Park beckons the intrepid traveller with its promise of wild beauty and serene nature. For those journeying by … Read More

Wells Gray Park - Bluestone Acres Accommodations

Discover the Rugged Charm of Wells Gray Park: A Haven for Nature Lovers

Wells Gray Park is a treasure trove of natural beauty and outdoor adventure. … Read More

He with a short knife must try, try again.

Viking Saying


Kulning! The Ancient Norse/Scandinavian song to call the herds back home. Kaare Long is performing a Kulning in the Bluestone Acres Village in the video below. @bluestoneacres More ‘Kulning’ on a walk by the river as Spring slowky makes its … Read More

Checklist for off-grid camping!

Off-Grid Camping Checklist Your cabin/tent has been booked! You are ready to start packing for your adventurous trip to Bluestone Acres. Since off-grid is unlike a hotel and resort vacation as it gets you closer to nature, there are some … Read More

Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller

Ibn Battuta
Wells Gray Park - Bluestone Acres Accommodations

Exploring the Wilderness of Wells Gray Park, BC

Nestled in the heart of British Columbia lies a hidden gem that beckons to those seeking adventure and tranquility alike: Wells Gray Provincial Park … Read More

Off-Grid Camping: A Soulful Retreat into Nature’s Embrace

The magic of off-grid camping lies in its simplicity and the profound silence it offers, a stark contrast to the constant noise of urban living. … Read More

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Where is Vavenby, B.C?: A Hidden Gem in the North Thompson Valley

This blog post aims to capture the essence of Vavenby, B.C., highlighting its history, economy, natural beauty, and the indomitable spirit of its residents. Whether you’re a history buff, nature enthusiast, or simply seeking a peaceful community, Vavenby is a destination worth exploring. … Read More

Warrior Walks - Hiking in Wells Gray Park - Bluestone Acres

Top 10 Must-Do Activities in Wells Gray Provincial Park

Wells Gray Provincial Park, often referred to as “Canada’s Waterfall Park,” is a treasure trove of natural wonders. With over 40 named waterfalls, pristine lakes, and rugged mountains, it’s a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. Here’s a list of the top 10 activities that should be on every visitor’s itinerary: … Read More